To enjoy and be satisfied with your work, you need to have confidence in your tools. Using quality tools that you can trust time and time again will help you reach your goals faster and with ease.


Great technicians know that quality bearings operate much longer than generic ones. When the right bearing is chosen and mounted properly, it is the quality bearing that will reduce machine maintenance and deliver outstanding performance.

Our Mission

RUDI develops in a sustainable way by offering a wide range of quality technical goods in a professional manner with attention to the needs of the customer.

Our sustainability comprises of not only creating added value, but also increasing the quality of life of our employees and customers in the long term. We support fair trade and look for growth that doesn’t necessarily include maximizing profits. Growth and profit are the results of increased productivity and customer satisfaction, which in turn result from employee retention and engagement. So at RUDI we truly value human capital.


Who We Are

RUDI Ltd is a leading importer and distributor of professional tools and bearings on the Bulgarian market. We offer a wide range of technical goods. We have built long-lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers and are well-known in our industry for being a reliable and trustworthy company. The name RUDI is equivalent to high quality, good price and excellent service. This is why we are a preferred supplier and partner.

Our Products

With its chain of retail locations in the largest cities in Bulgaria, the company is trying to offer its customers great service and the right variety of products. RUDI also works with wholesalers and retailers and thus reaches customers not only in the cities where it has direct representation. Visit our online store for more information on products offered, prices and ordering.