NACHI bearings

NACHI bearings

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded as a tool manufacturer in the City of Toyama in December 1928 based on founder Kohki Imura’s philosophy that “Domestic ability to produce machine tools is fundamental to the development of Japan’s machine industry.” Ten years after its founding, the firm set up a steel mill and established an integrated production system covering aspects from materials to the final product.

Then, the firm expanded its operations into the fields of tools and bearings based on its quality materials. No other company in the world is so involved in machining equipment like tools, robots, bearings, hydraulic equipment, and materials.

Nachi-Fujikoshi has achieved a leading arket position through a number of outstanding advances. Altogether the company has more than 50 production and sales locations with over 7000 employees. 

The product range covers cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic components, industrial robots and machine tools. The Japanese manufacturer is a supplier for the industrial sectors automotive, mechanical engineering, automation, railway, mining, material exploration, energy production and aerospace.

The strategy of the company was created by its founder in 1928 and concerns the integration of all steps in the production process - from the crude steel production, through the machining, heat treatment, coating and assembly, to mounting whole components and machines. Therefore the manufacturer can test the quality of the manufactured product by closely monitoring the whole process and thus assure NACHI products are of the highest quality.

This is how the firm “Contributes to the development of the world of product manufacture.”