Who We Are

We at RUDI have been delivering quality products to customers for over 25 years. We know that the returning customer is the one who is happy with the service provided, who has trust in his supplier and knows he is getting the best product for the price.

A united team of professionals with attention to the needs of the customers, desire to help and ability to make personal relationships – these are the qualities that make us successful. To us it is very important that our customers feel happy with their choice of goods.

We have extensive knowledge of bearings and tools and consult customers in order to reach the best solution to their problem by offering the right product that fits their needs. We have built long-lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers and are well-known in our industry for being a reliable and trustworthy company. The name RUDI is equivalent to high quality, good price and excellent service. This is why we are a preferred supplier and partner.

Geri Zlatkova, MBA

Managing Director

dipl.eng. Zlatin Zlatkov

Product Manager

dipl.eng. Elena Stoichkova

Administrative Department

Petya Kuncheva

Administrative Department

dipl.eng. Radoslav Dimitrov

Sales Department

Galina Levkova

Sales Department

Ivaylo Genchev


Nikolay Mironov


Neli Georgieva

Varna store

Georgi Georgiev

Ruse store

dipl.eng. Maria Dimitrova

Burgas store

Ivanka Manolova

Burgas-2 store

Alexander Alexandrov

Yambol store


  • 1992

    RUDI established

  • 1994

    opens stores in a few cities

  • 2000

    signs distributor contract with FAG

  • 2001

    starts selling hand tools

  • 2002

    signs distributor contract with INA

  • 2003

    starts import of miniature bearings

  • 2004

    starts import of KING TONY tools

  • 2005

    develops its own system for product-based information

  • 2006

    develops its own online shop

  • 2007

    starts import of seals and o-rings

  • 2008

    starts import of NACHI air conditioner bearings

  • 2010

    starts import of SKF bearings

  • 2011

    opens a second store in Burgas

  • 2012

    signs exclusive distributorship contract with KING TONY

  • 2016

    starts import of metalworking tools

  • 2018

    becomes NACHI distributor

  • 2019

    the revamped online store attracts new customers

  • 2020

    fights off the crisis, keeping employees and salaries intact

  • 2022

    30 years RUDI! For 30 years the company has been a trusted and respected partner to customers and suppliers